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Large Scale Housing Development (above):

The site is in Chatham, Kent and measures approximately 150 x 80m. It is currently occupied by 40 garages, most of which are derelict and have been broken into and some have evidence of drug use. The rest of the site is mainly wasteland with the occasional mature tree. Our intention is to develop the land into a mixed residential community around an existing church and doctors’ surgery. Accommodation will include first time buyers’ flats, family homes and retirement accommodation. We are also looking at reinstating an old footpath through the site and creating a community park centred on the existing mature trees for use by the new and existing community.


Micro Scale Conceptual House (left):

A personal project I set myself, to design a house over a standard single garage, to retain the parking space and to comply with building regulations.


The construction is all prefabricated timber frame. Each floor unit can be built in a factory and carried to site on the back of a truck. Thus once the foundations are built it can be finished very quickly. Along with the prefabrication, built in solar panels and a wind turbine give the building a low carbon footprint as well as a very small physical footprint.


It can be built in individual house or terraces on new sites or replacing existing rows of unsightly 1960’s garages. If anyone reading this likes the look of it let me know and we can develop it further to fit a specific site.