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The existing site is a 10m x 6m brick paved parking area and has had four previous planning applications refused by the council for various reasons. Because of these refusals the land was inexpensive, but because of the planning refusal history there was effectively a guide on ‘what not to build’. From this we have put together a planning application.


The main issues in designing a building for this site were the danger of flood risk, visual impact on the view from the street, overlooking into neighbours’ gardens and windows, parking, retaining sight lines from the neighbour’s drive way (house to the left) and the potential for cutting off light to the neighbour’s windows (the house to the right).


These issues informed the design so that the plan and form of the proposed house could be developed. The application was supported with further investigations in 3D modelling of shadows and sunlight at various times of the day and overcast daylight calculations. The application is currently being processed.


New two bedroom house

Laud Street, Croydon:


Right: Proposed aerial view from Laud Street


Below: Existing and proposed views from Church Road.


Bottom Left: Proposed Front



Bottom Right: Proposed rear